PG Ins - AAS 990

The PGI 990 Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer is available in the following configuration :

  • Flame Only
  • Graphite Furnace
  • Combined Flame and Graphite Furnace with the option for up to nine heating ramps.

The system is fully controlled from a PC with AAWin Software. The main features of the system are:

  • The integration of flame burner and graphite furnace in one compact unit enables automatic interchanging between the flame mode and furnace mode using few simple keystrokes.
  • Eight lamp turret for automatic positioning of each hollow cathode lamp.
  • Automatic fuel gas (C2H2) flow rate adjustment to optimise combustion in element analysis.
  • Automatic adjustment of burner height for optimised analysis conditions.
  • Automated  wavelength scanning and peak searching.
  • Automatic Reflecting/Transmittance beam-splitter positioning
  • Automatic switchover of spectral bandwidth (5 choices).
  • Automatic PMT and lamp current adjustment, automatic AA and BG energy balance